Mr. Jan Hurley Project Manager Abacus Builders Inc

Abacus Builders Inc has over the years contracted UR imagination Inc, Mr. Kevin Harrison, to carry out Architectural services for various clients on the Sandy Lane estate in Barbados.

Budgets and deadlines associated with each Project have been met and with this we have been able to continue our relationship with Clients and in most cases been recalled to attend to other works.

To date the company’s quality of work has been to the highest standard and we are pleased to continue developing our working relationship as they mature.

Beth Myers Owner Lot 39 Sandy lane Estate

Mr. Harrison is a gentleman to do business with and he has excellent organizational skills, Mr. Harrison has provided extensive landscaping, and managed exterior projects including fencing the exterior of our property and painting the exterior of the buildings. He was valuable to provide assistance whenever we asked in a timely fashion and did an excellent job of supervising his staff.

Maria Higgins Retail Operations Manager

I am writing this letter in reference to Ur-Imagination Inc and their services in Project Management and Architectural Designs for Digicel (Barbados) Ltd.

Ur-Imagination Inc. has carried out professional architectural services for Digicel Barbados during our initial start lip of operations in Barbados. This service included the design of store layouts and the out-fitting process for several of our retail stores around the island.

We at Digicel (Barbados) Ltd. were very satisfied with the quality of the work carried out and would therefore confidently recommend the services of Ur­ Imagination Inc. in an architectural design or project management capacity.