Our Corporate practice consists of three focus areas; Experience, Practice and Build. As a seasonedluxury housing designer,our portfolio includes some of the most exclusive residential developments in the Caribbean along with luxury villas valued up to USD $40,000,000. Such projects enable our team to work with best in classprofessionals, suppliers & materials and also enable our entity to properly promote our services offering to our clients. We are sensitive to your vision, needs and desires and that is why we treat every client as the creator of their own destiny.

With a focus on client needs, the quest for design excellence is more easily achieved and our response to site, program, and physical and cultural context, enables our team further to provide design solutions that work. We integrate all of our services during the design process to create portals which address the needs of clients at all stages of the development process and we find that this process of establishing a clear datum for the project team increases efficiency and fosters better communication.

Holistic Collaboration

At KHA, we believe that communication is at the core of every successful project and for this to be promoted, all relevant parties (including end users) have to be engaged during the design process. As such, our projects are exhibits of this process which have proven to save time, save money and promote a healthier working environment for all parties.


KHA has in use the latest technology needed to succeed in a highly competitive and technologically driven market place. As such, every year our technology department enhances its capabilities through investment in hardware and software and attend yearly industry events.